RCS Titanium Snowmobile Springs are lighter and more resistant to set than any other aftermarket performance springs available. The strength and low weight of the titanium alloy provides the basis for these performance springs. RCS engineers optimize the designs to provide direct replacement springs to fit most shocks for the entire range of spring rates and are the lightest and most dimensionally stable springs available.

The substantial weight savings also improves the suspension performance by reducing the mass and inertia generated by displacements of the suspension system. A lighter suspension system will have improved response and performance.

What makes RCS Titanium Clutch Springs superior is the combination of greater flexibility (low torsional modulus), high strength, and heat resistance. Cycle tests have shown that at comparable loads, RCS Titanium Clutch Springs take less permanent set in 100,000 full shifts than a stock steel clutch spring will exhibit in 25 full shifts.

For professional racers, serious backcountry riders and performance oriented enthusiasts, RCS Titanium Springs are a statement that you demand the best.

Racing at the Pro Open level on the AMSOIL Championship Snocross tour, a two or three percent advantage in performance can make all the difference between winning and losing. With Renton Coil Spring in our driveline and suspension components we never have to worry about loss of performance or consistency during a race or race weekend.

Being able to rely on our test results and calibrations and knowing that our Polaris snowmobiles will respond to spring changes the same way every time allows us to focus on the more immediate needs of our drivers.

While it is not uncommon for some teams to have to replace springs on a weekly basis, we have been able to utilize the same RCS springs in our race sleds up to an entire season, saving both valuable time and money. 

Scott Judnick / Owner / Judnick Motorsports