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Front and rear titanium coil over suspension springs weigh 40% less than stock springs
RCS has designed, manufactured, and tested titanium springs for demanding aerospace applications since the early 1980’s. Since then, we have brought our design and manufacturing expertise to new markets where performance counts.

Titanium springs are lighter, have a higher frequency response and improved suspension dynamics. When properly designed, titanium springs have more resistance to set, and longer fatigue life than the highly-stressed chrome silicon steel springs common in performance applications.

From the precise specifications of Formula 1 suspensions to the extreme fatigue requirements of snowmobile clutch springs, Titanium springs from RCS provide weight savings for all racing applications employing coil springs. Our Titanium Springs provide reduction in weight, improved performance and can be specifically designed for your application.

In the late 1990’s, RCS started exploring new materials, and discovered UPG TEN. It is a very ductile material known for its extremely high tensile strength, and magnetic and heat resistant properties. These attributes have made it a perfect fit for stock car applications and has worked well in conjunction with the wide range of rates used. It has been proven that even when coilbinding, it does not take set and offers more travel, even with lighter rates.

RCS offers complete engineering assistance to help our customers. Advanced materials, computer modeling and extensive experience are the foundations of a successful spring design. Our engineers design springs specifically for demanding applications, as opposed to other applications which only require mass-produced steel springs of common material sizes. Consequently, the wire size, number of coils, and spring lengths are the optimal dimensions for the application. This optimization results in a custom designed spring that is of the lightest weight achievable, while providing the strength and durability demanded by the application.

Here at RCS, we are continually growing and developing new ideas, and are on constant search for greater materials and different ways of making tomorrow better today. You do not need an extensive knowledge of springs to work with us; that is our responsibility. We are here to help you achieve your optimal performance.
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