Charles Pepka (CEO)-

Chuck is the owner of Renton Coil Spring Co. and a third generation spring designer and manufacturer. Chuck is a recognized leader in the design and development of titanium springs for the Aerospace and Performance Racing industries. Chuck held the position of president of the Spring Manufacturers Institute from 1998 to 1999. He is a member of the past presidents and retains his position on the SMI's technical committee, where he has served for 30 years. Chuck remains involved in the development of spring making technology. He has been instrumental in the development of multiple versions of spring design software developed by the SMI. He is the Institute's primary instructor for spring design and teaches classes regularly. Chuck has co-authored 7 technical papers related to spring design and titanium springs, and is a regular contributor to Springs Magazine.

Andy Knebel III (COO)-

Andy has been at RCS since 1978. His specialties include new materials, experimental parts, and process improvement. In his previous roles as a tool and die maker and shop foreman Andy has developed a strong understanding of what is done and what can be done to develop high performance springs. A couple of Andy's accomplishments have been the manufacture and testing of the first commercially available titanium drag race valve springs, and he has been very involved with the introduction of a new material for suspension springs at the highest level of stock car racing. His strong interest in motor sports drives him to put in the extra effort. Andy serves on the Advisory Committee at Renton Technical college.

Bob Newberry (Vice President of Sales and Engineering)-

Bob completed a Mechanical Engineering Degree at the University of Plymouth, England (including a final thesis on fatigue in springs).  After gaining valuable hands-on experience on the shop floor he moved into inspection and then quoting. Today, as VP of Sales and Engineering, he manages all aspects of the relationship between RCS and Aerospace customers. Bob has over 10 years of design experience with all forms of springs and has an excellent understanding of material properties. He is a member of the SMI technical committee and is currently enrolled in an Executive Development Program at the University of Washington business school.

Todd Lantz (Vice President of Production)-

Todd has been at RCS since 1988.  He is in charge of a team of 35 employees on the RCS production floor. Todd maintains and oversees the complete process of all manufactured parts from start to finish. Some of Todd's responsibilities include: maintaining staffing by establishing production schedules in a factory environment, implementing the “Five S” program to improve overall efficiency and increase productivity for each department, organize and conduct daily short meetings with production leads to continue the steady flow of jobs on the shop floor, ensures the flow of materials, parts and assemblies between or within departments, oversees the responsibilities of finishing manager to assist in maintaining “on-time” production, as well as making the determination of expedited jobs. Todd also coordinates and maintains all aspects of personnel issues that include; scheduling, hiring and termination of employees, preparation and delivery of annual reviews, salary forecasting and budgeting, performance documentation up to and including corrective action of any policy violation. Outside of work Todd enjoys participating in the local Rotary Club and coaching his two sons in parks and recreation programs.

Paul Churchill (Vice President of Information and Quality Systems)-

Paul has a degree in business from the University of Puget Sound.  He has been with Renton Coil Spring Co. for over 10 years and has a wide variety of experience in the company.  Paul oversees quality, purchasing, inventory and computer systems.  Some accomplishments include the implementation of an ISO 9001 registered quality system, a stocking program to improve the lead-times of hard to get raw materials and pre-production scheduling to enhance the flow of material requirements for production.  He is on the Board of Directors for the Renton Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the SAE technical committee for titanium specifications.

Renton Coil Spring believes it takes the best people to be the best spring company...

RCS has a team of experienced professional and manufacturing personnel with a strong background in materials, spring design and quality.